Junkyard Opera is a vehicle that allows me to indulge my two life-long passions β€” music and writing. Drawing on my background as a North Carolina-based journalist and photographer, I hope to use this site to cover a wide range of performers, from bluegrass and gospel, to hard rock, blues and R&B. Whether it be an internationally known group performing before thousands of fans, an underground act playing a dingy club, struggling to sell enough merchandise to make it to the next gig, or a group of friends gathered at a country store on a Friday night, playing for the simple love of music, they will each be treated with the dignity and respect their art deserves.

Along the way I’ll discuss music both ancient and modern, offer criticism where I believe it’s due and, from time to time, throw in a few surprises as well. I look forward to hearing from my fellow music fans also, with opinions, suggestions…whatever. As much as I know about music there’s always someone who’s heard of some great act you never knew existed. That’s what I’m counting on.


One Response to “About”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Jason Serious. I am an American singer-songwriter based, strangely enough, in Munich, Germany. For the past year, I have been out touring on the European support circuit with the Other Lives, Timber Timbre, Nathaniel Rateliff and others. I now have an album out – Undercover Folk – and wondered if you would consider reviewing it on Junk Yard Opera.

    You can check out the music quickly enough on my website
    You’ll also find bios, reviews etc.

    If you like what you here, here is a link to download the entire album:

    Or if you prefer, I can mail you a CD.

    Thanks for taking the time to check out the music.


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